Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya

Mt. Kenya stands in the central Kenyan highlands and is the second highest mountain in Africa. Known as ‘Kirinyaga’, which translates to ‘God’s resting place’ by the locals. Its series of snow-capped peaks irresistibly draws visitors with the promise of a great hiking experience. Sitting majestically on the equator, Mt Kenya is said to have one of the most impressive landscapes in East Africa.

The 5,199metres Batian summit is a difficult technical climb but the Nelion (5,188m) and Lenana (4,985m) peaks present a good challenge for any fit trekker. A trek up Mt. Kenya not only offers one of Africa’s finest mountain climbing experiences but is also an ideal preparation for a Mt. Kilimanjaro climb.


Chogoria - Sirimon

Chogoria- Sirimon, is the most popular routes for trekking Mt Kenya as trekkers get to discover the two dramatic sides of the mountain. Apart from conquering Point Lenana at (4895m), the spectacular Lake Michaelson, in…

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Kamweti - Sirimon (South - North Traverse)

Adventurous climbers looking to explore the road-less traveled will find the Kamweti route ideal for ascent. Starting from the East, the trek goes through bamboo forest belt and dramatic landscape including river crossings to point…

  • Kenya

Timau Chogoria

The rarely trodden Timau route is best for nature-loving mountaineers as they trek around the peaks and sample incredible views of the Mountain. The trek features dense forest vegetation, moorland and best vintage points to…

  • Kenya

Sirimon - Sirimon

Approaching Mt Kenya from the North East, Sirimon route is the fastest, shortest and the gentlest ascending route to the peak. The trek begins through the forest and progresses to moorland and giant heather higher…

  • Kenya

Chogoria – Burguret (East-West Traverse)

Climbers looking for an off the beaten tracks experience will enjoy ascending Mt Kenya on this route. With accommodations available on fly camps only, trekkers get a unique wilderness experience. The challenging route comes with…

  • Kenya

Sirimon - Chogoria

This combination exposes trekkers to Mt Kenya’s best features from Sirimon’s gentle ascent trail and the glacial scenery to the Chogoria’s picturesque landscape of the gorges, lakes and peaks. Tour Maps {slider=All Seasons Tour Map}…

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