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The lip-plated Mursi are a fascinating tribe to mingle with. Notable for their cotton weaving and distinct beehive-shaped huts, the Dorze tribe are hard workers, warm-hearted and a welcoming tribe guaranteeing for a remarkable traditional cultural experience.

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Day 1
The lip-plated Mursi are a fascinating tribe to mingle with. Notable for their cotton weaving and distinct beehive-shaped huts, the Dorze tribe are hard workers, warm-hearted and a welcoming tribe guaranteeing for a remarkable traditional cultural experience.

Day 2
Today we pay a visit to a Konso King and a village up the highlands and get to learn about their culture. We arrive in Konso for lunch at the Kanta Lodge. The Konso Cultural Landscape, an arid area of stone-walled terraces and fortified settlements was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 2011. It constitutes a spectacular example of a living cultural tradition stretching back 21 generations. After lunch, we drive to Jinka for dinner and overnight stay at the Jinka Resort a basic but clean hotel.

Day 3
This day is dedicated to visiting the Mursi, an ethnic group who are of not more than 4000 people in Mago National Park. We are accompanied by a local English-speaking guide. Though the park supports 81 large mammals including the elephant, they are rather difficult to spot. The park is also home to different ethnic groups but the most pronounced are the Mursi. They are basically herdsmen but farm when it rains along the river banks. The women use unusual jewelry of clay plates in the split lower lip. By midday, we are back at Jinka Resort for lunch and drive on to Turmi. On the way we pass by a Hamer market. Dinner and overnight stay will be at the Turmi Lodge.

Day 4
After breakfast, we drive to Omorate on the banks of the Omo River. Here, we get our exit stamp and continue our journey through treacherous sandy territory to Illeret in Kenya where the police check our visa and certifies our entry. On the way, we visit a Dassanch Village. Our destination today is Sibiloi National Park where we spend the night in the self-catering Museum Bandas. It is a very basic accommodation but we have no choice – it is the only one in the area.

Day 5
Sibiloi is Kenya’s most remote National Park, recognized as a world heritage site because of its rare flora, fauna and the numerous fossil sites. The wildlife includes rare dry country large mammals such as grevy zebra, gerenuk and oryx. The shores are an important refuge for crocodiles and soft-shelled turtles. With packed lunch and plenty of water, we explore the different sites in the park. A guide from the museum takes us to the museum and on to the excavation sites of the giant tortoise, the mammoth and the giant crocodile. We pass by the arid Petrified Forest which is evidence of the flourishing forest filled with lush flora and fauna millions of years ago and likely to be the “cradle of mankind”. In the late afternoon, we return to the Museum Bandas for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 6
Today we return to Ethiopia. We have an early breakfast and pass through the Illeret Police post and again through Omorate and the Ethiopian Immigration department. We have a lunch in one of the local restaurants in Omorate before we drive back to Turmi for dinner and overnight stay at the Turmi Lodge.

Day 7
After breakfast, we venture out to visit to the Hamer people and the Karo People. A local English speaking guide takes us on a walk to the villages. The Hamer are famous for their beautiful ornaments and dressing while the Karo, living on the banks of the Omo River, are renowned for their body painting. With some luck we can watch their rituals like a traditional wedding or the passage from boyhood to adulthood. It is clear that we have to ask for permission and pay for photographs. Our guide will assist us with this. We will have lunch in a local hotel in town while dinner and overnight stay will once again be at the Turmi Lodge.

Day 8
After breakfast, we check out and drive to the scenic town of Arba Minch arriving there for a late lunch. We use the afternoon to explore Lake Chamo by boat. The scenic lake is home to crocodiles and hippos as well as a large variety of water based birds such as Pelicans, Herons and Fish Eagles waiting for their catch. As the sun sets, we return to Paradise Lodge for our dinner and overnight stay.

Day 9
Today after breakfast we climb up the escarpment to the Gughe Mountain-the land of the Dorze people at an altitude 3000m and above. The Dorze community is famous for their hand-woven cotton clothes and beehive-shaped huts. They prepare bread from the stem of the false banana tree and brew a local drink called Araki. We are overwhelmed by their hospitality and enjoy their traditional dance. Finally we cannot resist buying some of the hand-woven colorful clothes. Our safari continues through the Rift valley with lunch in Soddo and the Rastafarian town of Sashamene. In the late afternoon, we arrive at the shores of Lake Langano for dinner and overnight stay at the Sabana Lodge.

Day 10
After a leisurely breakfast in the sun rise, we drive to Butajira and visit the archeological sites of Tiya, another UNESCO World Heritage Site and the church of Adadi Maryam, a rock-hewn church similar to those in Lalibela. After lunch, we drive to our final destination – Addis Ababa for an overnight stay at the Friendship Hotel. After refreshing ourselves at the hotel, we go for a typical Ethiopian Dinner with traditional food and dance.

Day 11
This day is reserved for a tour of the city and exploration of its rich history. After breakfast, we drive to the Entoto Mountain, the first residence of King Menelik when he moved in 1881 the capital of Shewa from Ankober to Entoto. This visit is followed by a visit to the National Museum before lunch and a visit to the Orthodox Church. Depending on onward international travel arrangements we may opt for a day room and dinner before transfer to airport for departure.

  • Tour Days: 11
  • Departure: Everyday departure with a minimum 2 pax from Addis
  • Price Guide:
    All Seasons
    No. of PeoplePrice (USD)
    6 and more2127

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