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Save Nairobi National Park

Most of our clients before leaving Kenya engage into a globally unique city excursion: A safari through the Nairobi National Park.

Since the beginning of 2015 the park is subject to increasing encroachments by mega-infrastructure projects.

In support of conservation initiatives that are trying to stop further construction in the Nairobi National Park this season’s ‘Views on East Africa’ is a re-blog of an initiative geared at providing background information on the events leading to the encroachments and gathering opinions on the destruction.

Whilst we do not support all views expressed in the blog, we do encourage that the public is informed and heard!

Behind the curtains of Nairobi National Park Destruction

While recent headlines in the press announced that the SGR re-alignment through Nairobi National Park had been stopped in court, the bullheaded siege in fact continues as new plans are being pursued to extensively cut through the park’s southern territories and destroy its only migratory routes.


There’s a passing of judgment from some that we’re doing the wrong thing, because Kenya is a poor country, and we could use the $150 million-odd dollars that they claim the ivory is worth to develop our nation .. But I would rather wait for the judgment of future generations, who I am sure will appreciate the decision we have taken today.

An unambiguous pledge to the non-negotiable value of Kenya’s wildlife heritage

This statement by Uhuru Kenyatta, President of Kenya, dramatically staged on the backdrop of 105 tons of blazing ivory undeniably bears a strong commitment, an unambiguous pledge to the a large-scale wildlife trade, approved and ratified by the same ivory burning protagonists and long-term value of Kenya’s wildlife heritage not only for those witnessing this record burn but, as clearly stated, for future generations to come.


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