A-maize-ing foods to try in a Kenya Safari

You see what I did there? That’s because maize is the staple food in Kenya. It can be eaten soft normally grinded to make maize flour which makes “Ugali” or hard as “Githeri” or “Mahindi Choma”. Kenya has a diverse array of local foods that you sure can’t miss when visiting. Here are four foods that we picked:


This delicacy is made by mixing ground maize (maize flour) and hot water over a fire until a cake forms. You will find this local delicacy almost in every food joint and is best eaten together with sukuma wiki (kale), fish or beef. The meal is best enjoyed when eaten with the hands taking a piece of Ugali and dipping it in the sukuma wiki.

Nyama Choma

This another delectable local dish that almost every Kenyan cannot resist. It is translated to burnt meat which literally means roasted meat. “Mbuzi” as in goat is the favorite among many but others like chicken and beef. Nyama choma is made by burning the meat over hot coals until the meat becomes soft. It is very sweet and will leave you wanting more. It is accompanied with Ugali and a hot kachumbari which is a relish of red tomatoes, red onions, pepper or lime, salt and fresh dhania (coriander).


This is the traditional Kenyan sausage. It is usually made with meat, flavored with spices such as pepper cooked and then stuffed in the intestines of either a goat or cow. Some people may deep the meat in the blood while others just cook it plain. It is common in celebrations when goats or cows are slaughtered and after the grilled meat (nyama choma) is done. This delicacy can be served with ugali or just plain. You can get it in the streets, a piece ranging from Kshs 10 and above depending on the size you want.

Mahindi Choma

This is a snack usually eaten in the cold weather. It is basically roasted maize cobs over a fire until it turns golden brown. I told you Kenyans love everything maize. A piece usually goes for Kshs 20 and can be flavored using chili and salt.


This snack is common in Mombasa but you could also find it in the capital center. It is basically skewered meat- beef or goat roasted over hot charcoal until soft. Meat is cut into cubes then marinated in special ingredients which include garlic, lime, coriander, lime, salt and pepper. You cannot afford not to try this tasty meat.

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