What to pack on an African Safari

Packing for an African Safari trip is somehow different from other trips. Generally its climate is warm but it gets cold in the mornings and evenings. You also have to consider pack lightly especially if you’ll be moving between camps and parks. The luggage limit is around 10-15 kilos and you don’t want to be carrying heavy bags around making you tired even before you start the safari. So here is a list of the most important things to pack:

  • Sunscreen- 30 SPF or more
  • Sun hat- a fitting one to avoid keep clutching on it every minute of the way.
  • Closed shoes preferably canvas or boots for walking in the bush or for mountain climbing.
  • Open shoes like sandals for walking around the camp or the beach or when just relaxing at the pool.
  • Long pants for when walking in the bush to protect your legs from scratchy bushes. Shorts are also a must when walking around the beach or just chilling.
  • A jacket for cold evenings or for rainy season.
  • Binoculars are a must pack. You don’t want to miss the action waiting for your turn to share the binoculars.
  • Be camera ready. Take a camera with you to capture nice wildlife shots for keeps. While you are at it don’t forget to carry supporting SD cards and lasting batteries as well as chargers just in case.

  • Day backpack. This will come in handy when going for excursions to carry with you small items such as water, wet wipes and other personal items.
  • Swimwear. If you are going to be stopping by a beach or a pool then you will need swimming costumes.


  • A good book to keep you busy when chilling on the beach.
  • Antiseptic cream for small insects’ bites and scratches.
  • A diary to note down experiences and names of animals that you see along the way especially those that you don’t know. You’ll want to remember all the sights, sounds, surprises, omg moments and suspenseful moments.
  • A shawl locally known as kikoi for outdoor activities like having lunch in the open.

Remember packing too much is not necessary. You only need to pack what is important otherwise you will get tired carrying that entire luggage even before you start the trip.

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