Six Travel Resolutions in 2017 and how to keep them

We all love travelling but there are some travel mistakes that we make which we later regret. Luckily, it’s a new year which means a new you and a new chance to change how you travel. Here are some resolutions that you can adopt to make your travelling easier and fun!

  1. Pack lighter

  2. There is nothing annoying than having a fully loaded suitcase that you have to drag along with you making you so tired even before you start your adventure. You might even hurt your biceps muscles or stub a toe in the process.
    This year make a point of learning how to pack only what you need and by need I mean what is really necessary, that which you can’t do without. Ladies this is for you; you don’t need to carry your entire make up kit and 20 pairs of shoes. Research earlier about the place you are going to visit and learn its climate and preferably consult with the tour consultants on what you should bring on your trip.

  3. Stop postponing your next trip

    There will be always something in the way of you taking a vacation. Be it finances, work, family, anxiety or fear. Until you identify the true barriers you will keep putting off your trips.
    Whether you long for a 5 star hotel vacation or just a weekend with your partner in your favorite destination, it will not just land on your lap. You have to make plans. If it’s finances, start saving early. If its work, talk with your boss early enough and arrange how you can have your leave days at that time you want to travel. If you don’t know where to go, consult with travel experts and make booking early to avoid the last minute rush.

  5. Take better pictures

    Beautiful destinations do not always equals good pictures. And nothing feels bad like going through your photos and wishing you had taken a certain angle when taking the photo or had a better camera. For safari lovers, you cannot afford to have a bad camera or be caught unawares; the best moments will pass you. You have to be attentive to capture that precious moment when a lion attacks the antelope otherwise you will have to ask for the shots from your friends.
    Start saving early to purchase the right camera equipment and make sure you have enough battery charge to take you through the trip.

  7. Learn how to unplug from the internet

  8. With so many social media sites it’s almost irresistible to take out your smartphone to check what’s going on. Email notifications, messages and social media notifications are a distraction to having the best time in your trip. If you can’t switch off your phone, then at least disable the notifications or delete the apps.
    You are out there to explore and have fun!

  9. Have the best time in your trip

    Vacations are meant for getting away from it all. Leave your worries behind and enjoy the getaway. Make sure you plan early and choose your destinations carefully to avoid getting there and regretting why you chose that place. Research, research! Finally have the best attitude and let yourself enjoy.

  11. Engage with the locals

    The best thing about travelling to a new country is discovering its culture and tasting it. You can do this by engaging with the locals and participating in their local events. Trust me; you will have the best time. They will be amused by your involvement and at the same time you will be amused by their culture. Brush up on your language skills and learn how to say “hello” “please” or “thank you” in the local dialect; you would be surprised how these words might make a big difference on how you are treated.

    All the best in planning your adventure trips and when you get there, have fun!

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