Memories of a photographic safari as shared by the group leader Mr. Joe Marino

First, I'd like to welcome you all home and hope that your trips were easy on you.

For John, Mike, Bill and I, things clicked along without a hitch and the transfer between

Heathrow and Gatwick was easy. We all arrived Orlando on time.

In fact, John's wife and daughter drove down from St. Augustine to pick him up and drive home.

What a treat for him, I am sure. Sadly, we never had the opportunity to meet with Mile's wife.

Maybe next time.

Well, we have had a very good trip. This one does rank up on my top 5 safaris.

Even though the elephants were not in Samburu, we still had good encounters with the grazers

As well as the local species. We also had a lot of time with the Samburu leopard in various trees.

In the Mara Triangle, we encountered herds of Zebra, Topi, Eland and even caught a leopard there.

We also had the chance to see some Black Rhino, Elephant and the lion pride of 16.

Watching the cubs play was superb.

In the Reserve, we had tremendous photo and video opportunities and fantastic chances to see

Some elephant, the Black Rock lion pride (13) at the kill as well as 10 of the 15 Mara cheetah and 3 of the 6 leopard.  For me, catching Malaika and her two male cubs on the last day was unbelievable as I've been

Encountering her over my past 4 trips and watched her raise 2 litters. The fact that she jumped onto the vehicle was a rare treat. (I'd like to think that she remembered me and was just jumping up to say "Hello", but I know that this is not the case.)


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Our "extra-curricular" activities; Bill's Birthday Bash, the "Sundowner" and sunrise with the Maasai

Warriors were also a lot of fun, even during the wildebeest stampede.

It is time now to get acclimated to our local time zone, greet family and friends, pay some bills and eventually get around to processing some images.

While you do that, please do not forget to continue taking your Malarone for the next 7 days.

It would also be tremendously appreciated if you would kindly send a couple of sentences on your thoughts of the safari. I'd like to know both positive and negative comments as I will use them to tweak next year's trip and also review them with Toni so that he can discuss them with the guides,

Dufton, Moses and Jamal as well as his team who supported you from behind the scenes.

Please let me know how many images or videos you shot. I'll compile the numbers and send you

all the total.

It would be great to share some images with each other as even though we all experienced much

of the same activity, we all saw them from different perspectives and there were other encounters

that we all didn't see.

So, for now, folks, I'd like to say "Thank you" once more for your trust and participation on safari.

I truly enjoyed being with all of you.

Let's all try to stay in touch and not allow life to get in the way of a relationship we all built over the

past two weeks.

Be well, and again ...Thank you.


Kind regards,



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